Lacey, Abisha, Evelien, Morgen and I squeezed into my little car for the 6 hour drive up to Ripon.



We drove through the night then stopped at a motel for some sleep before the event.  Morgen was up
early to skate a barrier she spotted just outside our room.



Amy and Erica were there to greet us as we pulled up.



Soon more and more girls trickled in to take over the park.



Amy was on the loud speaker all day selling raffle tickets.



Vanessa Torres sweepin'.



Van Nguyen of Villa Villa Cola fame.



Amy blasting an ollie over the hip.



Kristina Narayan drove down from Oregon to slash.



Morgen impressed the crowd during the game of s.k.a.t.e., but in the end Lacey walked away the winner
and pocketed all the raffle money.



After a long day in the sun we walked across the street for pizza and more good times.



We all made new friends.



After the long day of skating the girls wanted more, so Frank and Ladonna invited us to "The Ranch" for
a bowl session into the night.

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